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This site is under construction by Peter-Andrew: Nolan (c)


You may register here as an indication you are TAKING OATH that you are willing to work with Marney on creating ALL WOMEN JURIES in ALL WOMEN courts to fairly and justly judge and issue remedy instructions against women who commit crimes against fathers.

Any woman who registers here and then refuses Jury Service when asked by Marney will be removed from this site. This site is ONLY for women who will LIVE UP TO THEIR OATHS.

The ONLY condition us fathers will place on the participation of women is that we will not issue remedy instructions that are any harsher against a man than you women issue against a woman for the SAME CRIME. We are leaving you entirely to your own devices to be "independent" and "empowered". We just want the result of your jury deliberations so we can know how you want us fathers to treat men who commit crimes against women.

The ONLY conditions us fathers will place is that we are going to hold women who have claimed "equality" to being "equal before the law" by which we mean "the same crime gets the same remedy in the same circumstances no matter the sex of the perpetrator of the crime."

Us fathers know we are HATED ON for proposing this. I first proposed this in October 2009 to the 300 women on the Irish Free Man group. I have been HATED ON for pushing that agenda ever since. Fine. I can take the HATRED for being NON-SEXIST.

I had intended to simply challenge women to form their own web site, their own registration process, their own procedure manuals, allocated their own secretaries etc. However, I have waited 12 months now for women to act as my equal and leverage all the documents I have delivered. Women have NOT stepped up to this challenge. Not very "equal" at all.

So now:
  • I am giving the "equal women" a set of web sites purely for women.
  • I will personally update the common law courts procedure documentation so that it is specifically for women.
  • I will personally organise for the court stamp to be made.
  • I will personally organise the courts, the buildings, the facilities etc.
  • The only thing I will NOT allow ANY MAN to do is serve as a Womens Court Secretary, a Womens Court Common Law Expert, a Womens Court Jury Member, or a Womens Court Peace Officer. I INSIST these roles are filled by women who have claimed "equality before the law".

I am going to INSIST that these positions are held by women over the age of 18. I would PREFER if these positions were held by women who are mothers. I would be delighted if these positions were mostly filled by women who are GRAND-MOTHERS.

With age comes experience and wisdom. I think young women are wasting this most precious resource of their elders.

So. Ladies.

You have your registration site. You do not need to register in your own name. Just please use an email address that you will regularly use. Your details will not be kept on this registration site, they will be kept by Marney. I do not wish to know who you are. I just wish to know when Marney is ready with ALL WOMEN COURTS.

I said to a man today. I am amazed more second wives are not willing to help their husbands. Well? This is their chance.

One thing. A Remedy Instruction signed by 12 women, or so many as both parties agreed on, can be handed to the MENS Court and us MEN will send MALE Peace Officers to do the business should the WOMEN Peace Officers fail.

The MENS court will treat a Remedy Instruction by 12 women under oath where the process has been run properly as binding on the MENS Peace Officers as well. Obviously we reserve the right to review the evidence of the jury trial before acting on a Remedy Instruction, a writ of execution, or a writ of outlawry.

Ok Ladies?

Show me how "equal" you really are. I have been waiting for this 4 years now.

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