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Welcome to the Crimes Against Fathers Site for USA Women

Dear Ladies,
this site is under construction by Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) as of 2011-10-18.

You may register to this site using an anonymous email address. We only ask that you use an address that you will see.

Should you choose to MAKE OATH that you will sit on ALL WOMEN Juries to fairly and justly try WOMEN who are accused of crimes against men then that is the only condition under which you should register to this site.

We are going to find a woman in the USA who is willing to stand up and be my equal with respect to extending the protection of the law to men. And she is going to collect womens real names from this site and organise ALL WOMEN juries to put on trial women who are properly accused of committing crimes against a father.

The number of women registered is the number of "good women" in the USA.

Let us see just how "equal" you USA women are.

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